Sport Massage

If you have picked up an injury or stiffness during training, a sports massage can alleviate the problem.

These massage techniques also work as a preventative measure, helping prepare muscles for exercise, and relax afterwards.

This beneficial therapy is perfect for those training for a competitive event. Our sports massage therapy can be tailored to any sport or event and our experienced massage therapists are familiar working with a wide range of sporting injuries, ranging from marathons and cycling to professional athletes.


Prevent Injury
Reduces Pain
Increase Flexibility
Dramatically Improve Recovery Rates
Promotes Total Mind and Body Relaxation
Stress Relief


  • This is my first Sports Massage Treatment - what should I expect?

    For the first appointment, you will be expected to fill in a client consultation form outlining any medical conditions, doctors details, plus any contraindictaions etc.

    You will also undergo a postural assessment and some range of movement tests. So it is best to bring a pair of shorts, and for ladies - a vest top or similar. This allows visibility of alignment of hips, shoulders and spine etc.

    It is NOT advisable to administer any painkillers in the 2 hrs prior to treatment so that a safe amount of pressure can be used. It is advisable to bring a bottle of water along too - to begin rehydration to help flush out toxins after the treatment.

  • I don't do any Sports, so is this not for me?

    Sport Massage is for everyone! Our most common complaint is people with back aches, stiff neck and shoulders. Mainly caused by office based jobs, driving long hours, sleep issues or stress

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90 mins £75

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